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Richard and Jo

Does anyone own a Dorking chicken?

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Just thought I'd ask as I live 10 minutes from Dorking town, and at the moment there is a bit of a local hoo-ha going on in that the council are planning on erecting a giant chicken statute on the main roundabout of the town! Letters every week in the paper etc., it's quite funny - people are not convinced it is money well spent (although of course as a chicken owner I obviously have to say it is!)

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I used to work in Dorking, and I am not aware of any connections with chickens. I suppose the surrounding areas are rural and farming country, but Dorking itself isn't. It's possibly even more classy than Reigate!

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Bet the eggs were yummy :!: . I'm still waiting, but from what the breeder said our girls are only 16 weeks old. Lily and Rusty have larger combs and wattles than Daisy and Speckle, who have very little of either. Do you think this means they are different ages :?: .


How old are your chooks :?: .


Love from Rebecca and the girls. x

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For those interested






Silver Gray


Standard Weights (White): Cock-7-1/2 pounds; hen-6 pounds; cockerel-6-1/2 pounds; pullet-5 pounds.


Standard Weights (Silver Gray and Colored): Cock-9 pounds; hen-7 pounds; cockerel-8 pounds; pullet-6 pounds.


Skin Color: White.


Egg Shell Color: White.


Use: A good, general purpose fowl for producing meat and eggs. It was developed for its especially fine quality meat.


Origin: The Dorking is believed to have originated in Italy, having been introduced into Great Britain at an early date by the Romans. Much of its development took place in England where it gained much acclaim for its table qualities. The Dorking is one of our oldest breeds of chickens.


Characteristics: The Dorking has a rectangular body set on very short legs. It is five toed and has a relatively large comb, thus requiring protection in extremely cold weather. Dorkings are good layers and are one of the few instances where a bird with red earlobes lays a white shelled egg. Most Dorking hens will go broody, make good mothers and are quite docile. Because of their white skin, Dorkings are not as popular in the U.S. as in Europe.





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Thank you for all the information! I am shamed that I haven't yet had a chance to look up info on the chicken when I am the one that brought up the subject! (too much time spent looking at the forum than other things!!). Anyway, when the statue is up, I shall post a photo of it so you can all admire it in its splendour! - J

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