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Introducing..... Bunny Rabbit

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DS and I went off this morning to pick up our new chicken - already named "Bunny Rabbit" as she is going to spend her first couple of nights in a freecycled rabbit hutch. I was supposed to get a Bovans Nera but I looked in the pens and said "Oh wow I love those - what beautiful birds!" Kirsty said I could change my mind and have one so I now have a beautiful Sussex Ranger.


At present she is in the run and the other girls have access to the eglu through the egg port, tonight Bunny will sleep in her rabbit hutch. She loves a cuddle but has already had a run in with June, who is the friendlier of my existing pair - June pecked her through the bars and took out a couple of feathers.


Heres the picture - if it works!!



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Thank you, she is so friendly too I've been out and cuddled her a few times and she give lovely purry clucks.


About to find out if she's scared of the mower now....

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Thanks all - no I didn't have to lay on my belly - I'd be about 4ft up then! I was just sitting in the doorway of the Eglu taking the pictures, some were good and some were bad.


She was a little disturbed by the mower but soon got used to it, as per usual the other 2 were just standing there whilst I drove towards them. They love to make me stop!

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Well I finally got them settled for the night (whole saga is on blog). They have been amicable at the edge of the run and my other 2 girls were put out not to get in there at bedtime. I now have everyone shut up for the night and all doors to the run shut - will have to be up early in the morning.


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