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Pictures renovated run, no more wet!

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Well spent all day yesterday and this morning stripping the run, filled a skip, typical though the girls didn't want to go back in ungrateful things!

Had decided to have duck pond on the patio as they just make too much splashing and mess in the chicken run, now just have to decide what to fill the hole with. Its sloped away for drainage and the ducks will have small something of water in there, was thinking of large pebbles but not sure about their feet.

So just had pub roast, now going to have a well deserved chill out with a film.



This is the drainage area I need to fill, any suggestions welcome.P1010112.jpg


Not pretty with all the tarpaulin but they will be dry.


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Yes it is a solway house where my two ducks are shut in at night, we used redundant parts of my cube extension to make a framework that it could attach to and then used lots of cables ties to attach it to the walkin run. So really it's as secure as the cube house attached. It's very secure, in fact a pain as I would have liked to move it to clean underneath but it was too much work. As an added precaution on the side where it is open to the grass I have a huge piece of ornamental stone.

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