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Sarah 2

Pet insurance

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We use M&S - very happy with them.

Prior to this we were with Tesco & they made the claim I made when my cat was run over a complete pain.

They asked for a reciept as proof of purchase (why would I pay for 2 years insurance if I didn't own the cat?), & even proof that she had been killed on the road :roll::?

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Our two woggles are with petplan - and are good - but when we had Minky they were a REAL pain and we ended up complaining to the Ombudsman about them - if it wasnt for the fact that Paul's mum died whilst it was all going on we would have taken it further.

The horse is through NFU - wonderful wonderful company :D

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petplan for both our german shepherds, so we've been with them since 1997. no problems claiming, I havent really compared premiums with others as im happy where i am. :)


someone at work had awful trouble with "More Than" (the one with Lucky the dog), when claiming for her dog.

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How about www.animalfriends.org.uk

They are a not for profit organisation - all the profit (net) they do make goes to animal charities around the world.

I know of someone who has had to claim from them and it was fine - I don't know whether it is any cheaper than other pet insurance though.




Jazz is insured with this Company. We haven't had to use it yet so can't vouch for it.


It does cover problems for successive years rather than just for one year - our Vet told us to make sure about that point as some companies will only cover an illness for one year.

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That is the reason I have a 'cat account' I put money in a seperate bank account each month and then when they need it for whatever they need it is there I have never actually needed to dip into it yet and have had it going for more than 10 years :?


Up till then I had animals with pretty horrendous accidents but to insure 3 animals seperately would have cost the same each month as I was saving then and I felt it was just too expensive and if they become ongoing problems you can e stuffed :roll:


The cat account has also paid for a couple of things around the house as now it is up to a reasonable level I make sure any excess is removed :oops:

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We used to insure our two cats with PetPlan. However, like you we found them a bit expensive. We are now with M&S who we have found much cheaper with a comparable level of service.


There's a useful article on Martin Lewis' MoneySavingExpert website about pet insurance (see http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/insurance/cut-pet-insurance-costs)


One of the main considerations is whether the policy offers a yearly limit or a per-condition limit. With a per-condition limit, the policy can stop paying out on a long-term condition. Both PetPlan and M&S offer yearly limits whereas some of the other (usually cheaper) policies offer a per-condition limit.


If you decide to stop with PetPlan then they do offer discounts for membership of various charities. For example, they offered a discount as I was a member of Cats Protection and got my cats from them - and they didn't ask for proof :D



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