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My son has just bought it for my daughter in law, and she loves it. It has lots of recipes that children can join in with. Forward planning on his behalf as their first child won't be arriving for a few weeks.

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I might have to get that at the weekend Clare*.


On the topic of money saving, I looked at the site re savings (loads of good bargains), but couldn't see the bit about savings at Tesco - where is it?


ps have got my good mum badge on today :D Done 8 hours at work, cleaned the whole house, made pumpkin seeds rolls and homemade soup - feel very virtuous! Just listening to Robbie's new CD.

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Wow Clare you have been busy :shock:


On the money saving site,go into the chat forum,click the blue button down the left hand side.


Go to grab it while you can. Tesco has a couple of threads going. Tesco misprice and discussion.


The organic chickens seem to be on the list today,but have not checked out Banbury :!:

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Sorry battery went flat before I could answer last night. Yes Tucked up in bed,but looking at the internet for a new dishwasher :cry:


I went to put a full load of last night but not water is being fed into the dishwasher :x Its had a good run of 12 years.


I think its all this bread I'm making, bits bunging up the pipes probably.I'm not very good a clearing everything off before it goes in the dishwasher :oops:


I cannot live without it I am afraid :cry:

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Phil's like that; he makes me laugh - there's only him living there, but he still has a full-size dishwasher! When he comes round to mine, I cook and he washes, which means that he puts all my dishes in plastic bags and takes them up to his house to put in the washer :roll: I don't care, so long as they are clean :D


I hope that you find one soon. I have found Tesco quite competitive for white goods, but I'm sure that you will hunt down a real bargain!

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