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Congratulations Mel, you Chicken Addict you :P:P

I only noticed Lesley's new title the other day, I don't know how long she's been a Feathery Fanatic... but I love it :lol: I want to be one of those too :roll: It's certainly an improvement on the "Effusive Egg Layer" title.


Who is the brains behind these daft titles :?::D:D

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Haven't you had a busy day 'working' from home :lol:



Now now. I was up at 5am, walked the dogs, did some work, talked to the chickens, talked to the dogs, checked my e-mails, checked the forum, went out on appointments, bought more gin :oops: and some more Christmas presents for my God daughter from Hobby Craft (glad of the gin after I got out of there :twisted: ) cleaned the car (well, took it through the car wash) came home, had a cup of tea, walked the dogs, talked to the chickens, checked my work e-mails (nothing interesting) oh, and checked the forum :D

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It's a great book isn't it, Laura. I'd had a look at Lesley's book before I put it on my Christmas list so I spent yesterday reading it from cover to cover.


Ollie and I made butter on Friday so we could make our own brandy butter which was delish but you've just reminded me about the buttermilk which is languishing in the fridge :oops: ! Better get some scones baked, hadn't I :wink: !

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Kate - you read more of my book than I did! - I had to keep hiding it as I'd bought two extra copies - one for daughter and SIL and one for my sister and BIL.


I can now settle down and read mine. I wish I had bought them half price though and not £18 signed copies direct from RC :twisted:


The butter looks lovely Laura!

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Thanks Ali-s I am on the next plane.


Oh blow it is snowing heavily here now in Norfolk - that's put the kybosh on it!


Maybe tomorrow then :lol::lol:


They will probably have a stock of them to get rid of I guess.


Thanks so much for letting me know.


I am looking forward to hearing from all of you when you try out the recipes. It is not one of those books that look good on the coffee table and do not get used is it? :lol:


I hate dusting! :lol:

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