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Screw in paw.

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Hi all, esp DM and Lewis if you are about. My retriever came in from garden last night limping. On checking she had a bright shiny screw embedded in the pad of her paw. Quick visit to vets, sedation,removal, pain relief and bandage and home. She has been fine today, removed bandage herself during night, it looks fine. They gave me metocam,which I haven’t give as she doesn’t appear to need it. They also gave course of antibiotics which I haven’t give either as it looks clean and ok. Should I start antibiotics?

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Ohh, poor dog :(

Vets tend to prescribe antibiotics more often than human doctors, so I use common sense on when to use them. In this case I would though as the wound is on the foot and could very easily get infected. Did the vet give you, or recommend a cover for her paw? I would suggest it just to keep the worst of the dirt out when you are outside, last time one of mine had an injured paw, the lovely vet gave me a whole load of old drip bags, which are really tough; I cut holes along the top and threaded a bandage through to tie it on with. You can buy rubber booties online if you prefer that. If she tends to mither at a dressing or the wound, then a little dab of Vaporub ought to put her off.

I also don't give PKs unless the dog seems to be uncomfortable - one of mine is a typical lurcher and would walk around on a broken leg, the other is a total princess! - I tend to think that a little pain is self-limiting and stops them doing anything daft. You know your dog well, and will be able to judge if they are needed.

That's just my opinion though


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