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Helicopter Crash

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Having dragged my self back out of my bed for the upteenth time today to visit the bathroom, i decided to check on here. ( its nice to no that life is still going on around me even though i really dont want to participate


I have just read the news about the Helicopter crash and that Colin McRae has died along with his 5 year old son, how sad is that :cry::cry::cry:


What a waste of talent and such a young life, app he was only 39, and to lose his son as well,


So very sad. xx

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I feel very sad about the Hurricane crash in Shoreham. I was working in my mother's garden and the Lancaster and (I think) the Hurricane flew right over her house, really low. They were doing it as a favour to the local Aviation group on their way to Shoreham. It's awful to think that 20 minutes later the plane crashed and the pilot was killed. :(


Makes you realise how much we owe the WWII pilots though. Not only dealing with enemy fire and hitting targets but also maintaining control of the plane. :(


The fly past the village was such a lovely thing to do and gave pleasure to so many people. How very sad. :cry:

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Seems to be a sad weekend all round. My brother flies Tiger Moths from Duxford each weekend - and one of theose crashed near Redhill aerodrome on Friday.

The sad thing is that when these old planes crash, they can't be replaced. The history that is destroyed with them is mind blowing stuff - and then people start saying that they shouldn't fly any more or do air shows etc. It is all so sad.

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The helicopter is owned by Colin and four bodies were confirmed found inside it. Please also remember the others who may not have been so famous but were as important to those that loved them.


the misssing man at shoreham after was a lovely tributes from the pilots to one of their own


there was also a show crash in the US yesterday so you're right it was definietly not the day for man to think he could fly

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