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Tessa the Duchess

Soap Nuts

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Hi, my first posting on the Nesting Box forum. You all seem very

knowledgable about all things eco so ....... Today with the Sunday

paper I got a Lakeland catalogue. One of the items they sell are

soap nuts a natural way to wash clothes in the w.machine. I use

Ecover washing stuff it is expensive and to be honest not that

great for really bad stains like ketchup, it is not me that's a messy

eater but my 18 month old grandson who lives with me. Anybody

tried soap nuts? Are they any good?



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I find the Ecover doesn't touch the sides with my toddlers stains either.


I've gone back to using Ariel at 40 degrees and my whites have been coming up sparkling. I do still only use a 30 degree wash on the bits that just need a freshen, and I also think the soap nuts would be perfect for this.

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Well, Kate - I think it can also be stretched to husbands too. Funnily enough, I have just been on the phone to my Mum who says the only thing that gets the sweat stains out of Dad's shirts is if she puts a cup of distilled vinegar in with the ariel.....just what we were saying in the other thread.

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So have I, Gina :oops: . Teenagers are as bad as toddlers, I'm afraid :roll: . The only thing which gets the sweat stains and dirty neck rings out of their school shirts (apart from them using SOAP to wash with :evil: ) is Ariel.


soap :?::?::?: What's soap :?::?::roll::roll: My teenagers don't have that word in their volcabulary - actually that's a lie because the 16 year old has recently got a girlfriend :shock: so he now knows what soap is along with antiperspirant, shaving foam, shaving gel, shaving balm, moistuiser, face wipes and aftersave - and I thought girls were bad :lol::lol:

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Thanks for posting the Eglu thread on soap nuts, so maybe not the

ones from Lakeland as they sound rubbish. I will have a ponder, maybe

one cannot help save the planet and have sparkling clean clothes! I read

about the vinegar tip on another thread and am defininely going to try

it, I don't use conditioner and try and line dry everything, but I don't

really enjoy 'crunchy' towels and the vinegar could be the answer. Thanks

to all for your comments.


It is VERY windy here in London, my hens have turned really hyper I

had to shut them in their run early.



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Hi - I was tempted to buy some of those yesterday at Lakeland. I bought their special clothes pegs instead! Now I can recommended those!

Hmmm washing powder - we always use Bold tablets - crushed silk & jasmine or the lavender ones. For whites, we use Daz. I hate to see whites that have a grey tinge, I love crisp blinding whites!

Is also bought some washing powder mini sheets for travel washing! They look like they are in a dental floss box. I thought I'd take them to France just incase!


Lakeland are geniuses - I just love some of the inventions and gadgets they have for everything!



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I too have using soap nuts for a while but have been disappointed with them. They certainly soap up in the machine and the smell is fine when drying on the line in the summer. They are definitely best used for coloureds which only require a freshening wash. Forget whites - otherwise they will all be light greys! Forget anything sweaty like manpits or teenages as the clothes don't seem to rinse fresh even with a laundry fresh scent being added to the rinse. I am trying Ecover at the moment (about one week now) so am waiting for the longer term results on this. If the clothes are starting to grey, collars etc remaining grubby then I really don't what else to try. There are other ethical and environmentally friendly laundry options to try but it gets expensive.

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