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Got my chickens!

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Got my eglu last Sunday, and today got my chickens! Three "Amber" chickens from Glencroft in N Yorkshire (good chat beforehand with helpful Pete)


Anyway, got the girls home, put the box in the run and opened it up - they sat there for a while, looking out and not moving, then suddenly one made a dash for a bug and then that was it. They were out, all three of them, pecking at the grass, scratching about. They had a couple of hours outside in the run (Pete said keep them in the run for a week before letting them free range in the garden, so they know its home) then they went to bed of their own accord and I shut the door and hopefully they'll be OK all night. I have this urge to pop out and see how they are, though! Even though its nearly midnight.


So, we have three chickens, and three names (pre chosen!) My daughter comes home from her Dad's tomorrow and we are having a naming session when she gets here.

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Thanks everyone!


Our chickens are called Milly, Dilly, and Sybil. I'm not sure how my ex mother-in-law will feel about having a chicken named after her, but I'm assured by daughter that she'll be pleased!


And it really couldn't have been better - we went out to say hello to the chickens, had a look in the eglu and there were two eggs!! I was really surprised that they laid today, as they've been in their new home less than 24 hours. They are 23 weeks old today, though, so obviously very much at point of lay.


Only problem is that next door's dog broke through the fence and is very very curious about them. I'm going to spend part of tomorrow dedogging the garden.

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Hi, I got all my girls from Glencroft. They have all been super hens and two are prolific layers. My children loved going to choose them from the array of birds that he has there. Worrying to hear he started off his business with a few bantams for his children . . .. look where it all ended!

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