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Sleeping on the roof of eglu.

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For weeks the Bluebell has slept on the roof of the eglu go.  Has anyone else had one that did that?  I thought they needed bars to sleep happily.  The other 3 were sleeping in the eglu, but tonight they are all wedged on ledges. You can just see the bantams tucked up on ledge.  

They have laid no eggs yet.  Apparently the bantams had just started laying when I got them a month ago.  The hybrids were POL.  Could they lot be laying because they don't like the sleeping arrangements?  They have been chased by the neighbours cat a few times, so I hope that didn't upset them


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Lovely girls! How old are they?  Hens typically lay from about 24/5 weeks onwards.  But that’s an average.  I’ve had some not lay till about 36 weeks!  Factors which delay it can be weather or food related.  Are they on layers pellets? You can tell how close they are to laying by looking at the redness of their comb.  Also they tend to crouch for you when you’re near them - as they would for the Cockerel.

As for sleeping on the top of the eglu, if they are bantams they naturally roost high.  Mine perch outside in the secure WIR all year round.  

I think you just need to be patient. 

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