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I’m going to be a chicken mummy again!

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I just wanted to share my excitement that I’m collecting an eglu classic with extended run next week from an Omleteer!!!

I’ve  not had any chickens for a few years, personally I found it difficult to look after them  when I had to go to work full time and  so I sold up my cube and walk in run. However I’ve missed having them in my garden and their beautiful eggs and now I work part time again and can devote the necessary time to my girls! (Just to clarify-I’m not saying that you can’t have hens and work full time, just that I didn’t find it easy for me at the time with everything else that was going on) :) 

I won’t be getting any hens until next Spring though.  I’m due to have quite a big operation in August and we have a family holiday booked as well  so I won’t be able to give the chickens the care that they need, especially because I’ve decided that I’m going to get ex-batts. I can’t decide whether or not to get three or four, they will have plenty supervised free ranging time and Omlet still say that four hens can be kept in a classic. Their names will be Myrtle, Hermione and Luna. Hubby wants to name the “bonus” hen if we get her, and he has chosen Voldemort (don’t ask!)

We still have a 7 1/2 year old Basset hound who I shall ensure is kept away from the hens when they are free-ranging. I don’t think our 8 year old cat will pose a problem, in my experience chickens will put cats firmly in their place. Of course I shall be very careful whilst the  girls are healing from their caged life. 

Thank you for reading, it’s lovely to be able to share my excitement with people who will “get” how I’m feeling! 





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Welcome back Jules, good luck with the operation.

You will probably remember that Omlet always seems to over-egg (geddit?!) the number of hens in their housing... key to this is the run size, so whilst you can fit 4 hens in a Classic with no problem, the run is a different matter and I would strongly recommend 2 run extensions on top of the standard run if you are having 4 birds. There will be times when they need to be in the run 24/7, especially if we have another DEFRA prevention shutdown this winter.

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