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Any VW owners out there?

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I noticed the VW agg cups in the shop - just wondered if there was anyone with a real one?


We have a late bay orange and white van which we use at any opportunity. We want to get some more - hubby's hobby is tinkering with older vehicles (and spending loads of time on HIS forum) - I amuse myself with my animals (2 rabs, 1 cat) and my children (2 little boys) and now I've found THIS forum :D .


I'll have to work out how I can upload some pics of van, man, animals and kids...



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We had an orange VW Camper for years until I said "I can't stand the

thought of another camping holiday"! now we have a VW Caravelle

Transporter. I love the old style Beatle but they are just not big

enough for our family, dog, shopping etc., I would really love an

electric car, but we have no driveway so it would be impossible to charge

up, can't have wires trailing across the pavement. Anybody got an

electric car?



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I used to have a gorgeous bright orange old style Beetle, which The Hubby restored fully over a number of years.

He was really,really lovely & got admiring looks wherever he went.

Then the children came along & it was no longer practical, so he had to go :cry:


I still miss him - no other car has as much character as a Bug 8)

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I have Charlie Camper - he is a purple bay from 1979 - last year of the old Type 2s!


He my 'car' as well as our faithful holiday companion.


Last trip weekend before last - camping in Thetford Forest.


Weekend before that Layla (6) and I slept on the drive in him (long story - postman was a bit surprised)


He is a bit of a moneypit but we love him


Better go now as I will be sounding rather weird to non-VW fans....

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VW camper vans remind me of my youth when my nanna & grandad had one which i loved to bits. 8)


I would love a camper now but the OH is reluctant as it would cost a mint to do up and we really dont have the time to dedicate to it now :(


I would adore it if i could get my hands on a split screen - that would be just great! :D:D:D

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