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Questions? - Building walk in run/floor

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Having been round in circles trying to decide between and Omlet WIR and building our own, we have finally decided to build our own and ordered a new cube.

(See previous post about attaching 2 classic Eglus to a Omlet WIR)

Wood and galvanized steel mesh ordered.  New Cube delivered!

Question: Should the mesh be stapled on the inside of the run or outside (Wooden Frame)?

Also, previously we have always used wood chips on bare earth inside the run with the Eglu classic run sited on a surround of paving slabs, then changed wood chips as required (6-9 months). As we are having a revamp should we do the same or would it be better to completely slab the WIR and use something else on the floor? What have you found works best?

Thank you x

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Hi Hilton,

Like you I built a run and also the coop/hut but I am a carpenter.

I dont know were you live but we get a mixture of rain and dry weather in Northumberland  so I have a top on my run which keeps every thing dry.

I  built the frame work then fixed a 6 inch board between the legs to prevent the straw from blowing round the garden

then I fixed the wire on the out side. I put slabs over the total area so as to make it easy to clean, keep the hens feet dry, keeps 

the run from becoming smelly, stops food from being wasted and prevents fox and rats from access. it also helps to keep

there beaks in trim condition. 

I use wood chips in the coop and soft straw in the run. (they love to scrape in the straw for the corn I put in for a treet, which 

keeps there claws in good condition scratching on the slabs.

I do not keep them in the run all day, I let them in the garden.

Well I hope that has been of help to you. I will be putting photos on the site in due cores.

Regards Peter.



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