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We have recently managed to pick up a second hand Mk1 Cube, we put it together this week bit there seems to be a substatial gap around the back panel.

It is all really secure and stable, but when you inside through the door you can see light getting in pretty much all the way around. Is this normal???

There is a 'groove' over the top of the panel, should this contain some sort of rubber seal that is missing?

As I say, it is stable and secure and fine whilst the weather is great, but I'm worried that it will be heamoraging heat in the winter, and the wind will blow right through it causing draughts. I looked into an extreme weather jacket,  but they seem to just cover the sides, not the back so probably won't help any.

Could anyone shed some light?


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Hi, yes, there is a gap of about a centimeter around the back panel, that groove on the top is for drainage. The whole things is double insulated, so there's no chance of them getting cold, and please don't cover the cube at all as the birds need plenty of ventilation. Far better build than the mark 2 version.

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