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The Dogmother

Wanted: help with a chicken documentary

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I was sent this by a friend who used to be on the forum and thought that some Omlet folks might be interested in getting involved....

Documentary on urban hens

I'm reaching out to you as a network of ever helpful and resourceful people! I am making a short film (documentary) on keeping hens in urban settings and I'm looking to find people in London (or other cities in the UK) who keep chickens who would be willing to be a part of it!

In an ideal world, we'd love someone who keeps chickens in an unusual urban setting (e.g. small garden, or a roof terrace, or even something like a canal boat), but interested in any relevant contacts you might have.



Aran Shaunak

Science Communicator, Writer and Creative Producer

MSc Science Communication, Imperial College London

Twitter: @AranShaunak / @BitesOfScience

Instagram: @grams_of_science


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