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Cat food

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I gave my girls half a tin of catfood between the 8 of them yesterday. They went beserk for it! A triumph. :lol:


They have been looking very scruffy as they are moulting and I thought I'd give them some extra protein.


Same again today. in fact they left their sweetcorn for it.


Definitely on the menu from now on, when they need a boost.

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Ew, that can't be right can it? :?


Isn't there meat in cat food? Or is that the point. What does it do to their poo? (Sorry!!) I know we are not supposed to put poo in the compost from animals that eat meat so what do you do with the contents of their droppings tray?


I'm new to all this so I'm very intrigued! :wink:

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Most canned cat foods do have a poultry base as its cheap. If it says 'meat and animal derivatives', for example, this is not guaranteed to be meat of the flavour written on the tin.


Whilst hens will eat meat if they can get their claws on it, its probably not a good idea to feed them on chicken or other poultry.


Sorry to be unhelpful!

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I think DEFRA said they shouldn't be given meat. But I suspect that was a blanket ban to stop some of the rubbish commercial flocks were being given at the time the BSE crisis broke and we all found out some of the stuff that was being fed to farm animals.


We give them the s"Ooops, word censored!"s our fussy cats leave and they go mad for them. And given that the hens have eaten a mouse (only one, to our knowledge!) and slugs etc, I don't think it could do much harm. But I haven't given them a proper meat course. They might start eyeing me up too closely next time I go near!



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