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Hello, I’m new here and looking for advice please.  I would love to get a couple of chickens and have been given an old eglu classic that a neighbour was using for chickens previously.  I think the inside is for the rabbit set up though? Or maybe just missing any sort of insert (it’s just the attached base with draining holes and another hole presumable for a good bowl), I wanted to buy the converter kit but the site is showing that they won’t have them until August now..

is there anything I can do to make it work just for now do you think? Until the conversion kits come back in? I know my neighbour used it as is but I’m not sure how exactly and with everything going on I can’t really pop around to ask her at the moment.   

I also wondered how many hybrid hens can comfortably be in the eglu classic? We have plenty of space and are hoping to build a long ‘chicken moat’ for them around our large vegetable patch but there might be times when they need to stay in the eglu and run and wouldn’t want them to be cramped.

thanks very much!

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When we sold our classic (sniff, sniff) it went to someone who wanted it for rabbits and it is a different set up. Does sound as though there are things missing....is there a tray that you pull out from the back, outside of the house? 

We had 3 bantams in our classic and that was comfy. If you go for much bigger birds then maybe 2 would be more sensible? 

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That's interesting, CT....I hadn't realised that the Qute would be compatible with anything else. Bogbrush is an ex show hamster; we got him when he was a year old and he was kept in a very small cage - grrr. We've put him into one about 4 times the size but he doesn't move much; I honestly think he's peanut short of a foodbowl, seriously dim! Hades (half the size of Boggers) is in the biggest cage that we could find on Gumtree...having been unimpressed with famous pet store offerings...and has the hamster equivalent of acres!

When we ordered the classic remember being 'advised' that we could have up to 4 hens in it and no mention made of increased run space. Bonkers.

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