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Wheezy pekin - should I be worried?

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I know the general answer is ‘yes’, but this is a bit different.

Duck the pekin has a wheeze that comes and goes, and is sometimes really quite bad, but it sounds like it’s her ‘nose’ (nares I think?) rather than deeper or further down towards her air sacs. It was absolutely awful when she was dust bathing the other day - it does seem to be related to position.

In answer to the usual questions - no they haven’t been wormed for quite a long time (probably had ivermectin 9 to 12 months ago for scaly leg mites) - last time I sent a sample for testing it came back clear. None of the others in the flock have symptoms. She does occasionally do the funny gapey / throat cleary thing, she shakes her head quite a lot.

I have a video but can’t post here.

Apart from this she seems totally healthy and is laying every other day, eating well and not losing condition.

What do people think?


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Does she sneeze too?

Two of my hens have been quite snotty. Even blowing snot bubbles like in a cartoon! 
Especially Truus has been sneezing a lot, which is a high pitched sound. 
But since all kept eating and doing chicken business I decided that they must have just a snotty cold. Noticed a little dove in my garden sneezing too and having a snotty beak... so there must be something going around.

Otherwise, I think I must have read a post on here that chickens can get hay fever too.

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I have one bird  that gets hayfever each summer!

Put your ear to her back, between her wings and listen to her breathing - check for bubbling or wheezing. If you hear any of these, then I'm afraid that she will need antibiotics from the vet. Ditto if there are any bubble in her eyes or nostrils. If it juts sounds as if it's 'up the nostril end', then probably just a cold or hayfever.

Just a thought... are you using DE anywhere? 


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It seems like a hay fever-y type thing and definitely no bubbles or anything - all nice and dry around the nares. I’ll listen against her back tomorrow.

I didn’t know chickens getting hayfever was a thing!!

No I’m not using DE - I do use GSP but haven’t for ages. It’s definitely at its worst when she’s dust bathing in the greenhouse where the ‘soil’ is incredibly dry and dusty.

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22 hours ago, The Dogmother said:

I think that gapeworm would as they would shed eggs - but ring up Westgate Labs and check - they are everso helpful. It doesn't sound like that though, from your description. Have you checked in her mouth and down her throat as far as you can?

Thanks I’ll give them a ring. I’ve looked as far as I can and. I thing to see...

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She is just stressed - I once had this with some new birds I had bought - popped the quietly into the isolation coop with the door shut and one of the pekins started to wheeze dramatically and her head was drooping. I took her out,listened t her air sacs, checked her over, gave her NutriDrops and a cuddle and she was right as rain. I asked my poultry vet about it and he attributed it to stress - they can convince themselves to die when they get in this state. :roll:

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