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Hi All,

we finished the new run and coop, got the additional girls into the flock which is still ongoing but nothing too dramatic but think the more docile girls would like a space where they can hide out from the rough and tumble.  The main run is 6' high, 7' wide and 14' long and 12" of woodchip, has raised coop 4'x 7' so plenty of space but no real hiding spots.  I'm going to add a side extension which will be 4' by 14' and thought I might add a secondary coop at same time.  

Half the flock has feathered legs and in prep for winter and fall rain I was thinking to build the entire thing raised on pallets, wired on bottom and sides with fixed roof.  on top of the wire would be 6" of wood chip.  Would this work for keeping their feet dry or should i rethink it?  the whole exercise was to avoid another winter like last year, definately want everyone to be dry, clean and comfortable.

thanks for advice


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Cat Tails..will put some additional roost in, they have a ladder but more roost wont hurt.

dont have any slabs around at the moment, trying to use what I can get my hands on free...but if I find any before the work starts would be preferable to wiring the pallets...

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