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Soft egg

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I came home from walking the dog to witness one chicken running with a “prize” round my garden and the other two following. 

the prize appears to have been the remains of a soft egg, the slightly sticky empty shell. On the paving slabs next to the mint bush (or the remains of the mint bush) is a stain that I presume is the contents and perhaps where it was laid.....

Nobody seems out of sorts. Nor did anybody seem out of sorts before I went out. OH didn’t notice any noise. I have a good guess of who it was; Natalie, she has laid one very very slightly wrinkled egg before. It was laid after much drama in a flower bed as the nest box was not to her liking....

Should I be concerned? Should I give her/them anything?

They have grit freely available. I also have calboost, nutridrops and lifeguard. I don’t think they are eating quite so much food with this weather.....


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