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Chickens and Runner Beans?

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hello all,


bored at work and have just found this little snippet on another site:

'and the biggest NO NO of all do not ever feed beans of any kind to a chicken (they can't expel the gas and it will get ugly so please do not try it)'


Is this true? Gawd. If so we've been poisoning our girls for the past month :(:shock:


They love runners beans from the plant, their favourite food - they will jump in the air and mug us for them!


If you know anything about this please shed some light on it for me :oops:



Skye xx

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My chooks have been eating every plant/insect going in the garden and almost any leftovers I give them apart from uncooked potatoe skins (which luckily enough they are not supposed to eat anyway).


I have had no problems whatsoever with illnesses/diseases/death and I have a flock of 20 chickens and a cockerel.


I hope this helps?

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Like all beans runner beans contain lectins, which are very toxic but are removed by cooking. Red kidney beans contain the most and runner beans contain only a small amount.


See HERE scroll down to Curse of the lectins.


I'm guessing that the toxin is mainly in the bean rather than the pods. I always munch a few raw bean pod while I'm picking them :roll:

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