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A lot has happened over the past while.  I now have a little flock of Chocolate Orpingtons which I am in love with - big bundles of fluff.

One of my hens has gone broody and I have some bantam eggs (Cuckoo Barbu D'Anvers) to set under her.

My question is, how many do i set - the eggs are small of course but do I set the full dozen or 11?  Read somewhere that an odd number is better but didn't know if there was truth in that

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Pretty girls

I have never heard any argument for odd or even numbers of eggs :think: If you think she's big enough to take a dozen, then pop them in.

I'm sure that you know this, but do have the broody in a separate coop, which has been mite sprayed and powdered before setting her on the eggs. Best to set them at night.

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