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Not right!

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My wee favourite girl is not well! Help!

She is all puffed up, wings slightly dropped, tail curled and sleepy. Not chickening with the other two.

I tried to get her to eat nutri drops without much success. I didn’t know whether to force her? 

Her crop feels full, but not too squishy (it’s not solid either). I can’t feel an egg stuck or a squishy tummy. Her poop seems a bit watery perhaps. 😢😢😢

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Just now, mullethunter said:

Is she laying at he moment? It might well be that she’s going to lay a soft shelled egg. They can go from fine to looking at deaths door very quickly when that happens and then are right as rain once the egg is out. Fingers crossed it’s that or something else simple.

I really hope so!

she is laying, but hasn’t today or yesterday.... 

I couldn’t feel anything. But now hoping I didn’t poke too hard and break a softy.


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Her crop is slightly spongier than the other two.... Theirs feels more grainy.... Hoping she is magically better tomorrow 🤞🤞🤞

Another chook, Emily is now sitting in the nest box a lot. So either there’s something wrong with her or she has broody hints 🙈

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Just now, mullethunter said:

How did she seem in herself?

I gave her crop a bit of a massage last night when I was checking it, then a proper one today, and she has seemed so much better today! Digging, dust bathing, generally chickening!! I’m so (tentatively) happy.

i didn’t isolate her or remove food, hopefully that’s not a problem 😳

going to check her over at bed time. She hasn’t had any nutridrops today (she’s been hard to catch!) - should I give her some at bed time? 

im pretty sure her sister is broody. 🙈

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