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Sausage Making book of recipes, hints and tips

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I've returned to the idea of making sausages (now I've found some vegetarian casings - although won't only be making vegetarian ones).

Would like to buy a book of recipes, hints and tips - there is no stand out option on Amazon.

Does anyone have a recommendation please ?

Thanks, H

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I make sausages using the veggie casings. Just a word of advice: they tend to split open if they are too full. I also found it beneficial to twist the casings into sausages as you work, as opposed to trying to do it at the end. The casings don't have much give in them, so if you do it at the end, they tend to split! :)

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5 hours ago, Leicester_H said:

I'm not a vegetarian, but don't eat much meat (only higher welfare). I do like seafood. Fancy making meat, seafood ??? and vegetarian sausages. Pork, honey & mustard sounds good. Wanted to get a book for some tips and some flavour combination ideas - hence post.

When I make my veggie sausages, I tend to use a mix of soy mince, herbs and spices, some finely chopped onion, some breadcrumbs, and water as a binder. They come out pretty nice. The trick seems to be making them nice and moist, otherwise they dry out during cooking which can be really unpleasant to try and chew on. I also sometimes use vegetarian 'bacon' to give them a bit of extra flavour.

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On 7/11/2020 at 12:37 PM, Luvachicken said:

If you're making sausages - no offence to vegetarians -  my absolute favourite are pork, honey and mustard :wink:

Oh yessssss!  And then we discovered duck and plum.  Oh My Goodness!  Divine!  Pheasant and chilli is nice too.

We have the Weschenfelder machine but not used it recently.  Funny how much better it works when the blades are in the right way.  :roll:

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