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Alis girls

How many?

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Lost one of our girlies today - she was on borrowed time , I removed a huge egg from her a few months ago and she never looked 100% but ate, free ranged and was happy with her mate. . I now have one 2 year old occ layer and want to restock. I realise she could be bullied so am thinking 2-3 but would 2 likely bully her or is an even number better. Throw COVID in to the equation  and no one seems to have girlies. Before when left with one a friend let me have a lonely picked on girl and the 2 got on rearly well. 

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Sorry that you have lost your girl....sounds as though she had a lovely life though! 'Introducing' is often difficult but not always and you won't know how it goes until you try so just go for it....can you keep her seperate from the newbies but very close so that they can see each other for a week or so until they are actually in together full time?

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