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Chicken Parentage

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Hi all! I have had my ladies for a week and a half now and have really enjoyed reading all the advice, hints and tips on here. It’s certainly put my mind at rest over a lot of ‘newbie worries’! I can’t believe how they have changed in that small amount of time, from wary little things (actually they’re not that little, think they’ve got emu in their blood somewhere!) to mad, crazy women who chase you everywhere and have their beaks in everything.


I have 3 hybrid ladies, a Mendlesham Blue, a Coral and a Bovans Nera. Which brings me to my question, does any one know which chickens are bred together to make the Mendlesham Blue and the Coral? Can find loads of mentions of the Bovans Nera (think she’s the same as a Miss Pepperpot) in books and on the internet but not the others.


Also, the Blue is already laying as she’s 26 weeks but the Coral and Bovans are 18 weeks. When can I expect them to start laying?


PS. Hope it’s alright to join your forum as I haven’t got an eglu or cube. :oops: Didn’t realize they existed at the time, I have a wooden Chicken Cottage.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.


I'm not sure about the breeding question that you asked but as for laying I think they start around 22 weeks. You know when they are about to lay as they will start to squat down when you approach them. This is because they look upon you as the dominaint male and she goes into her submissive position thinking that you might do the deed to her :shock::wink:


I think that it will also vary a little from bird to bird.


Someone else with a bit more knowlege than me will be along shortly.


Enjoy your girls and I bet they will bring you alot of fun and interest.

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Hiya, welcome to the forum! :D

I didn't have a eglu/cube when I first joined. (A word of warning though, these omlet-ers can talk you in to anything :shock::lol:)

I now have a green cube and 8 lovley ladies!

We have Coral, named Gemma. I'm 100% sure what she is bred with but I think she has a bit of leghorn in her (due to the floppy comb and off-white eggs) I will do some research though. I'm afraid I have never heard of the Mendlesham Blue though do you have any piccies? Does she look like a Blubelle of a Blue commet?

Gemma layed on the first day of having her (21 weeks) and always lays double yolkers! Clever girl!


I'll let you know if i mannage to find any info.



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Thank you for your help. I'm sure the lady I got them from told me their origins but I was too busy trying to choose from about 30 girls which ones I was going to have! Obviously not listening!


I have attached (hopefully) a picture of Babs. Thought she might be the same as a bluebelle but she seems a lot bigger (her sister was HUGE!!) than pictures I've seen and her eggs are normal 'egg' colour.



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Maybe they are just different names for the same thing?


Looked on the Cotswold Chickens website at their pictures of Bluebelles and the feathering is the same but they don't have the black faces like Babs. Or is that something that develops as they mature?

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Have been looking on the internet and found more pictures of Bluebelles and Blue Comets and they all look the same as the Mendlesham Blue. Maybe different breeders give them their own name.


Now just have to find some info on the Coral. Not had much luck there. Not that it's really important, would just like to know.

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