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Tessa the Duchess

Film title?

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Thanks for your recommending the film site Fred, great place, not helpful

to me though :cry:


Okay Sarah and anybody else who is a film buff...The film is made up of

4 short films, one takes place in New York, one in Los Angeles, one in Rome

and the last one in Helsinki. Each film is set on the same day at the same

time but in different time zones, and the stories sort of click together. The

only real clue I can give you is that the film in Los Angeles is about a girl

taxi driver who is offered a chance to be a film star but turns it down because she wants to be a mechanic.


Does it ring a bell :?:



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I was HUGELY impressed Cinnamon :clap::clap::clap: You have gone

straight to the top of my christmas card list :):)


Another quick question. How do you quote a part of someones message

when replying?




Just click on the "quote" button at the top of the one you want to quote from. It automatically opens a new window for you to type your post in, with the quote already in. :D


Well done Sarah! 8)

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This it?

'Night on Earth' with Winona Ryder :wink:



I'm resurrecting this old thread as I love movie recommendations and as such have had this title 'waiting to be sent' with my online Dvd supplier for over a year!


A few days ago, in frustration of not being sent the latest released LOST Dvd's over the past couple of months (have cable, so no sky for an age) :wall: , I decided to cancel everything off my list to ensure they sent them to me...but no, they sent this film that I have been waiting over a year for :roll::D:?:


I've watched it this evening and although it took a while to get into it (I thought the first 'chapter' with Miss Ryder was V poorly acted) it was quite entertaining in a quirky sort of way.


I was interested to find out if Tessa the Duchess got hold off the film in the end? and what was thought of it.


p.s...does anyone have the lost dvds that they are willing to hire out for a week...I'm on my knees. :pray::D

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Only just seen this :oops: No I never did get to see this film, sounds like we belong to the same online dvd rental club, I sometimes wonder if they actually do have all the films they offer for rental :roll: In fact I cancelled my subscription about 6 months ago because I just don't have the time to watch so many films as I used to. I'm glad you 'sort of' enjoyed it.


I can recommend a film called 'BonBom' I think it's Argentinian, it's wonderful.



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Tessa, sorry you never got to see this film in the end but thank you for the Bonbom recommendation, I have added it to my rental list and look forward to receiving it (maybe in another years time :roll: ) :lol:


Cinnamon - I'll head over to facebook and try to be brave enough to add myself onto the Omleteer list :oops::lol:


I'm now going to pour myself a nice glass of vino and settle down to watch our 1st Lost series 3 dvd - they sent it in the end :dance: But then again, they had no choice as I made sure that was the only series left on my list :lol:

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