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Omletina Kyckling

Newbie just saying hello

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I'm a new Eglu/chicken owner!

I got my Eglu and girls just over three weeks ago and we are all settling in well.

My three girls are Helga, Nina and Jenny (actually pronounced Yenny as these girls have Swedish names - my cats also have Swedish names, Ludwig and Håkan)

I have a red eglu and run, but my girls are free rangers. They are out all day and are causing havoc in my garden. I am, or rather was, a gardening enthusiast, and knew all the latin names to my beloved flowers, all grown lovingly from seed, but I now just know them as "chicken food"

I had two bush cherry tomato plants on my patio but they have been stripped bare, but only of the red tomatoes, the girls are waiting for the green ones to ripen and check them each day.

I decided that I should post on here to say hello to everybody as I, like many on here, find my friends/family get a glazed expression when I talk enthusiastically about "my girls" - no doubt they'll change their minds when the eggs start to arrive, eh?

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Hi - I've never seen a fox during the day here, and I have two cats who might put the fox off - I lock them up at night, so they're only out during the day.

The first few days I let them out for short periods of time and kept checking up on them, but since that, I let them out in the morning and leave them to destroy my garden (!)

Our garden is quite secure (I hope!) and a good size so they have plenty of room, but they tend to prefer my patio, where they either roost on the bar underneath my patio table, or all cram onto my doormat just outside the door, and knock on the door!

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Hi and welcome Diane! :lol:

Mine like to camp on the doorstep too - and they keep tapping until someone opens the door then they rush the dog food bowl :roll: I need to get some more chicken wire to protect my plants. They are very good at gardening though aren't they? :D

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Hi Egluntine,

I lived in Sweden for four years and my husband works/lives over there and comes home once a month - we both speak/read Swedish and all our animals have to have Swedish names - even our old tractor is called Erik.

In Sweden, each day has a name day attributed to it, and on that day you can raise the Swedish flag to celebrate and you have cakes etc.

I've told Guy I need a little flag pole and Swedish flag so we can raise it on all our menagerie's name days. Ludwig the cat had his this week, so he got a tin of salmon.

It's Helga's name day on Saturday so they will get treats then (probably spaghetti!) - perhaps she'll lay her first egg then!


PS Hi Lozkate, I'm a Yorkshire lass currently migrated away from God's own county down here in Northamptonshire - I'm a Huddersfield girl!

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