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Getting chooks next week (unless lockdown scuppers us). Critique my list of supplies please?

Eglu go up & 2m run

2 x 2m walk in run (plus they will free range in our garden for at least a few hours every day), run is mostly on concrete with small area on grass, rest of garden is lawn and fairly large

Long perch for in run

3 x hanging feeders for pellets and grit

2 water troughs

Dustbath tray & sand 

Layers pellets & mash



Diatomaceous earth

Spray sanitiser

Sanitiser powder

Hemp bedding 

Dust extracted straw bedding


Anti mite powder

Gentian violet

Disinfectant tablets

Hardwood woodchip for concrete part of run

Anti peck spray


Treat mix (corn and seed mix for poultry)

We jetwashed and disinfected the coop, run and all feeders etc today as they are 2nd hand.

Am I missing anything? Plan is to get 4 bantams or 2 bantams and  1 or 2 larger fowl (sussex or orpingtons). Will there be enough space?


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How exciting! New chickens!

I would skip the diatomaceous earth. There is no real point in two types of bedding. Were are you going to use it? 
Careful with ACV in hot weather. It affects the eggshell quality. 
How are you going to worm them?

One thing I would really invest in is rain covers! The 2 m clear cover for the Cube Fits over the Go Up run quite nicely. 

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Missing......  Deck chair in which to sit back and enjoy your girls. Camera to document your chicken keeping journey. Ear plugs for when they all decide to lay at once.  Football rattle/party poppers/bells and whistles for their first egg. Sense of forebearance for when your garden gets munched/covered in poop. Helpful neighbour to come and help when you go away. Wine/gin/strong tea for all those moments when you panic. Address of the Omlet forum for when you need helpful and friendly advice. A sense of humour! Enjoy!


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