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Car Quiz (delayed part 2!)

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Test your car knowledge here, the answers can either be a manufacturers name or a model name. Beware, some clues are cryptic! Numbers in brackets indicate the number of letters in the answer.


Good luck :D


1. Better with butter (5)

2. Spanish festival (6)

3. The Queen's representative (10)

4. Follows the hounds (6)

5. Seaside parking lot (6)

6. You keep food in it (4)

7. Agreement by all (6)

8. Thomas Hardy's unusual vehicle (6)

9. Wading bird, no in the gutter (5)

10. Thrown in the Olympics (7)

11. e.g Gravity by Newton (9)

12. High in the Swiss mountains (6)

13. Underground in France (5) METRO :D

14. Roman magistrate (6)

15. A waspish character (6)

16. A pert young lass (4)

17. Makes public proclamations (6)

18. A sport for the Mounties? (4)

19. Chief God of the Romans (7)

20. Speedy movement (7)

21. Takes the weight off your feet (4)

22. Lively spirit, but not drinkable (3)

23. Famed 20th century painter (7)

24. Louis Armstrong's talent (4)

25. The agency for a night out (6)


Excuse any bad grammar, I copied it exactly from the paper copy I have.


I've done one to start you off, have fun!

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