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newbie would like advice please

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Hi, we are seriously considering getting chickens - I have done a lot of reading around here, other websites and books but would be grateful for some more advice please :)


We live in a typical mid terraced 1960's style house, our garden is small - maybe 30ft long. The only place that I have worked out that we could site our house and run is near our back door - and we are happy with that.


But... this is right by the fence between us and neighbours on one side, on the otherside of that fence they have a patio door - which is only open on hot summer days. I can't fit the run and house anywhere else.


SO.... honestly... how noisy can chickens be?? Could that be a problem? (not getting a cockerel!! we are keen on Silkies and Pekin Bantams) I am intending to give them a thorough clean once a week (washing down etc maybe once a month-ish?) and poop scoop the run and house (if that is the right word!!) everyday (maybe put newspaper in house for ease of removal?). Does this seem reasonable? I am assuming that if I do this.. then there will be no smelly-ness ( :lol: ). I have read that giving garlic powder can help. Do you find your chickens smell (and be honest!!)?


If this was you - would you keep chickens in a small garden like this?


thanks M2B

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we live in a modern semi in a small cul de sac. Our garden is about 30ft by 40 ft. We have plenty of room for our 4 chooks, our garden is mainly decking, pebbles with a patch of grass (see my gallery bottom of signature),


My chickens dont smell. :) If you keep them clean (like most people do on here as the eglu is so easy to clean) you wont have any problems.

I use hemcore in the run which is a horsey type bedding which comes in bales - is absorbs the poo and wet really magically. In the summer I put a few dabs of citronella in the eglu to keep away the flies. Redmite powder also used - which smells divine and fresh. :)


Only 1 neighbour has noticed we have chickens, the only time my girls make any noise is when they have just laid an egg (as they like to announce to everyone they've just laid it) or if there is a cat in the garden. Ella our big bossy chook can be loud at times,...but this is not a bothersome loudness.


I wouldnt worry too much about the noise, go for it! Chickens are fab and great fun and bring a lot of joy and amusement to your life!!!

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I have 3 light Sussex Bantams, the are kept quite close to our neighbours and it hasn't been a problem, they don't really smell only inside the coop can be a bit wiffy and if your going to clean the out on a weekly basis it won't be a problem. I tend to sweep the floor and put the hose pipe over it and that clears most of the mess anyway.


I also have a seperate run that we wheel around the garden, which they seem to know straight away where they're going and love scratching in the dirt, but if you put them on the grass don't expect it to stay green for long!


I started out with 2 pullets which turned out to be a cockerel and a hen, then we got 2 more hens to replace the cockerel. They aren't particularly noisy, but Gladys can get a bit cluckly with the other 2, but she's still getting use to them.


I would go for it, all our neighbours say they never hear them, well not since we got rid of the Gerald anyway! :lol:

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I also live in a mid terrace house with a garden 80x45. We did position the

Eglu at the bottom of the garden thinking of the neighbours and a potential

noise problem. It has not been a problem at all, in fact one of our

neighbours says how much he enjoys listening to the clucking, he says it is

very soothing. As others have said, smell really isn't a problem as long

as you clean the Eglu every week and use something in the run which

absorbs easily, I use bark which works very well and the chickens love it.


I hope you decide to keep chickens, it is such fun.



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We live in a mid terrace cottage style house with a small garden of about 40ft x 25ft max. The area is very built up and our garden is very overlooked.


Our chickens can be quite noisy in the mornings. June will squark if anything annoys her...including the guys next door throwing open a window or going out on a tuesday to put the bins/recycling out.


We have only ever had one comment about the sound. That was from one of the girls who used to live next door & she was really sweet about it as she liked chooks :)


What we've done is to teach them to get up a bit later. So they don't get let out until 7.35am in the weekdays and 7.45 at the weekends. In the deep winter when it's dark in the mornings they don't want to get up so early anyway.


The only other complaint was from a mad woman futher down behind us, but she complains about everyone and has tried to take most of her neighbours to court over this or that :evil:


Enviromental health came to visit me due to her complaint & the inspector was very impressed with the eglu & said that my hens were being kept in a clean and more than satisfactory manner :lol:




We have no grass left as they've eaten it..I spoil them by letting them out nearly all day.

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I agree with what has been said above. Mine are against our right hand side fence, about 5' from the house, on the other side of the fence is our neighbours back door. They sit out there and eat their breakfast on sunny mornings! :shock: But unless you get your head inside the eglu the smell isn't noticeable (as long as you stay on top of it obviously). And yes they do cluck a bit and sometimes squawk, but my neighbour likes the noise. The people at the far end of her garden do have a cockerel and we have a very noisy dog 3 doors up so mine are really nothing as far as irritating noises go! Most people don't mind the noise - noise only tends to be a problem when it is monotonous and persistant, then it really gets on your nerves. They are certainly no worse than my children or next door but 3's children screaming every morning! :lol:

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I might add that I don't think the noise (when they really shout) travels very far. I have worried a lot on summer mornings when they have woken me up, but the neighbours rarely hear them.


What would I do, if i were in your situation? Go for it!!! :D:D:D

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Ditto to what others have said.

Smell can be managed & if you are getting Bantams anyhow they are much smaller & much quieter 8)


What I would say is firstly get 3 Bantams, & secondly get an Eglu.

An Eglu makes cleaning our so much easier,so smell is easier to get rid of, & 3 is the perfect amount for an Eglu.

Also consider a permenant woodchip or Aubioses area for the Eglu & run to sit on - your grass will go pretty quickly anyhow & if there is no where else for the Eglu to go you may as well have something on the ground which you can rake over & replace.

You can also use Aubiose in the poo tray - it makes like so so much easier :P


Garlic powder DOES work. A friend of mine came over to see my 10 hens & wondered why mine didn't smell ,whereas her 2 did - answer....no garlic powder :roll:

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Thanks for all your replies - I feel a lot happier about it now.


We have dogs and our neighbour has complained that they are noisy - yes they do bark but generally it is when someone is at the door... and we do shush them as much as we can. We have decided to work harder on the barking before we get chickens. I am a bit worried though that they will just find something else to moan about.... :?


thanks again... am sure I will be back to ask more questions! :lol:

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Can't answer the one about the noise, but yes - garlic powder WORKS! I wouldn't be without it, and when I did run out a few weeks ago I really noticed the difference. If you clean the Eglu regularly there won't be any smell, and aubiose is fantastic for keeping the run dry and clean inside.


I would definitely say go for it, you won't regret it.

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Have you been to visit an eglu yet?


This might put your mind at rest and many owners/hen keepers are happy to share their passion.



I'd always had a mad idea about keeping hens (must have been something to do with Tom & Barb' on The Good Life' but living in SW London, I never thought I could really do it & I had no prior experience of keeping chickens or being anywhere near them.


In 2003 we went on a National Trust Working holiday and they had some really friendly chooks there who kept trying to steal our lunch each day :lol:


Then in 2004 we saw the eglu and now were hooked. We didn't have the option of a visit, but took comfort in the 28 day money back offer.

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Our garden is tiny as we live in a terrace house. Like most people have said, if you keep them clean and use things like aubiose there is no real smell unless you have your head in the Eglu. And whilst they can be noisy sometimes, announcing that they have laid an egg, they are no louder than dogs or children!


The only time my neighbour has commented was to check that the girls hadn't been disturbed by their gardan party the night before!



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