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The Wanderer Returns

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Hello anybody who remembers me *waves*


I haven't visited this site in a while, but as I am thinking of investing in a cube I thought I would poke my head around the door and see if any of the old crowd were still around.


I still have my original two Omlet chickens Sage and Onion, who have been with us for almost 3 years now. Sage is still laying, but Onion gave up ages ago and now lives in happy chicken retirement. Unfortunately we lost Berry, our Gold Laced Wyandotte, last February due to gastric problems.


Anyway, all is still well in Hazlemere and here's hoping I get to significantly expand my flock very shortly.

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8) Fantastic to hear from you again, Jangle. I love my Cube & so do the hens, what colour will you order?

Lovely to hear that you still have the original Omlet pair, but R.I.P.Berry.

As you see, I still have Chuckles from my original pair and adopted hen Biscuit who is 3 yrs. but have expanded my flock too!

Now, do keep in touch when you can! xx :D

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Keeping hens has become seriously addictive over the past three years, and I can't see myself without them now. As Sage is still such a bully we thought that we would wait until she finally goes to the great Eglu in the sky before we get any more.


Poor Berry passed away on my lap on St Valentines Day. We still miss her very much, and will probably get at least one Wyandotte when we obtain the cube, as she definitely laid the nicest eggs.


Edited to add that I have to have a green Cube, although I want a purple one. The OH says that he wants it to blend into the garden rather than stand out.

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