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Chicken making funny croaking noise

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22 hours ago, Cat tails said:

Is she breathing with open beak constantly? 

I noticed that too although she doesn't look like she is particularly struggling.

I always take mine to the vet when I am unsure, as I would rather spend the money to know she is fine than wait and see, and by then they might be quite poorly.

My gut instinct is usually correct and it is never money wasted.

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Hi my chicken is making a very wierd cawwing sound whenever it breathes and it has a runny nose and a stretched out neck. It been making this noise all day and into the night. It’s comb is now turning dark purple and it feels cold. Whenever it eats it keeps sneezing too. It’s meant for meat and is like 12 pounds but I kept it as a pet. Idk the breed I have a video of what it sounds and looks like but I don’t know if I can upload videos in here or not. Idk if this is even the right place to ask for help. It’s my favourite chicken and it always gives me hugs I can’t let darling die:(

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