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im going insane!!!!!!

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Seth was in a perfect







routine, no crying no fuss, no nothing.


Since hes been ill hes not got back into it!!! I am going insane!!!!!!


His Bedtime is 6pm and he used to sleep through until 6am


what is going on!!!!!!! Argh!!!!!!!!!


Needed to vent before i cry!

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just when i thought all had been lost.


Silence in our house.


Im not one for the 'crying it out' technic, so i limit him to 2 mins of crying.


Hes asleep!


but for how long???


i was up at 5am, and i havent got any voice left. Throat infection and chest infection. Nice!

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Don't cry Laura :( All littlies change their routines from time to time, I know mine did frequently :roll:


Perhaps because he has been ill, he needs a little more time to settle in the evening :? or maybe he hasn't been quite so active lately, because of feeling off colour, and not quite so tired/sleepy?


I know it's hard :( , but things will settle down again, it may just take a little longer :)


Don't forget to look after yourself too.


karen x

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Poor you Laura ((Hugs))

Just when you think you have this parenting lark sussed, they throw you a curved ball :D

Don't worry, they do it all the time, you'll get so fed up of hearing 'it's just a phase' but it is so true. It's very common for an illness to upset a perfect routine. My 3 year old has had a couple of restless nights with tummy ache and a cold - but all of a sudden he has to be in our bed with his feet in my hair at 1am! :shock: What's that all about! :roll: He will settle down again, just persevere with his routine. They do sleep well when they get to 16. :wink:

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They do sleep well when they get to 16. :wink:


Just not normal hours! :shock: :lol:


I can't wait for Lauren and Jake to be staying here when they are teenagers - I can't wait to drag them out of bed at 6am and arrange lots of nice things for them to do, bright and bouncy, shouting "I'm awake" :wink::lol::lol:

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Hey Laura, couldn't reply yesterday cos I was working, hope you had a better evening tonight. Mine have never slept very well, mostly cos I got it all wrong with number 1 when she was little then compounded it by travelling with her living and sleeping in an old bus for 8 months when she was one so she developed pretty strange sleep patterns! :shock: Now she's a complete night bird, if she had her way she'd be up til 10 every night! Middle daughter would like to go to bed at 7 but is afraid she's going to miss something and little boy is so easily distracted that we have to get him off to sleep downstairs, if we put him in his room he just runs from room to room playing with the girls. Add to that working til 2am then up for a school run at 6.50 and I wanted to offer you my most HEARTFELT sympathy cos I know what sleep depriivation can feel like. AWFUL!! Hope your cold / sore throat is better and Seth is more settled. I'm off to bed soon - really really hoping for a good night after our sicky week and my work!


Night night :lol:


Mrs B

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kids and sleep... do they really go together?!

mine are now 11 and 8. mostly they sleep well, but every now and then we ahve a blip and 1 or other ends up in our bed.

yours is still little I think tho? if the night sleeps are a disaster at the mo, can you sleep while he is sleeping during the day and/or at nursery? nothing worese than not getting your own sleep, and when mine are not sleeping properly at night now I am almost more knackered than when they were little!


I too long for the day when I have to get sleepy headed teenagers out of the bed with a pitchfork as I call them forth for lovely fun outdoor entertainment!!

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