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Old Sewing Machine Advice

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During one of the lockdowns I managed to get my Mum's old sewing machine working (I think its a brother no idea what model but weighs loads and must be at least 40 years old it is electric )

I made some facemasks and even took up some curtains and they were almost level - sometimes the pedal gets stuck and the machine runs at tops speed and you have to stamp on the pedal or take the plug out quick - quite scary 😂

I was thinking of taking an online course this lockdown and I noticed a sewing one which is suppose to be OK for all sewing machines - Has anyone tried an online sewing course ? do you think its worth upgrading my machine (I don't really want too as it so old ) or do they do such a thing as a service on a sewing machine ??

You never know if I get to grips with a sewing machine it may help my Easter Craft Swap !!

Thank you  - as you can tell I have no idea and only remember using a sewing machine at school once or twice.


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I think the best thing to do would be to see if you could find a local sewing group of some kind (do you have a local facebook page or similar?) to see if there is somewhere that could service it. Having looked at Covid info for this lockdown it seems that 'repair' shops can be open. Equally, other local sewers might be able to tell you how to resolve the problem yourself. Is the local library open...they may have a group contact?

Not being a sewer myself I take my hat off to anyone who uses an electric machine. On very rare occasions I have borrowed my mother's ancient Singer - as used by Mrs Noah - and feel much more confident that I can use the hand cranked wheel so that it doesn't run away with me!


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I agree with soapdragon, try and find a needlework shop near you that does repairs.   Only apply light pressure to the pedal, but see if you can clean it.  Also have you replaced the needle? That sometimes works wonders!  Online courses are very useful, just make sure you don’t sign up for years!  Good luck.  

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Thank you for the advice I think I know where a local sewing shop is - they may recommend a museum but at least it will save the fear of when the peddle gets stuck and the machine runs at top speed - first time it happened I jumped up in panic it was like a horror film with the machine chasing me round the kitchen 😂

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