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Trying to find previous posts from more than a year ago ?

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So, I was looking at my previous posts under Activity - my activity streams - content I started, but it only seems to go back a year.

Can I look at any posts that I did before that ?

I often find the bits of information useful but now I can't find them.

It wasn't really anything important medical wise that I wanted to find, just that I wanted to look up about the last lot of chicks I got and how old they were when I got them.

And of course, look at their sweet little photos 😊

I am going to put a little bet on for myself that @Cat tails is the first one to help me :wink:

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Thanks so much @Cat tails that makes sense.

I was looking for one about my last chicks - it was in a post called something like 'Intros, I wasn't expecting that'

It was a lovely reminder of who I bought. 

In fact, I'd thought I'd bought 4 chicks but I'd actually only bought 3 :oops: so their survival rate was 1 out of 3 instead of 1 out of 4.

After that, I fished out my chicken photo album (sad I know) starting from almost 12 years ago with the Omlet man arriving on my birthday, to all the chickens I have had, through to all the work that has been done in their space - a nice thing to look at on such a miserable afternoon. 

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2 minutes ago, Cat tails said:

@Luvachicken Did you find the post you were looking for?

I did, but it didn't help me find out what age the chicks were when I got them, which is what I was after 🙄

They don't really have any combs in the photo I found, so must have been relatively young.

3 minutes ago, Cat tails said:

A chicken album sounds lovely! I’m a bit jealous actually!

As you know, I am no computer person and when photos are on a laptop I never look at them.

One year DD and DS wanted to know what they could get for my birthday so we sorted out all the photos from the laptop, they got them printed on Snapfish and gave them to me as my present 😊

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33 minutes ago, Luvachicken said:

254848726_WhatsAppImage2017-05-31at20_43_26.jpeg.9272e70be57e14c839b638031b0dda25.jpegThese are the chicks that I am trying to find the age of.

Very sad, but I really can't remember how old they were when I got them and I still can't find any info in my posts about them.

I know they are young, but that is all.

How old do you think they were ? 

The silver one I guess on 10 weeks. The mottled ladies look a tad younger. Maybe 8 to 9 weeks?

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Thank you both, that's what I was kind of thinking.

It's unfortunate, because where I got them from is pretty local to me, I asked her if she still sells chicks, but she says she sells them from about 14 weeks old now.

I liked the fact they were still young and cheeped without being too diddy.

At  14 weeks do they still cheep ?

Are they still cute ?

DS and I really liked the fact that they cuddled on us for ages.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-31 at 20.41.55.jpeg

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On 1/20/2021 at 8:20 PM, Cat tails said:

@Luvachicken Did you find the post you were looking for?

A chicken album sounds lovely! I’m a bit jealous actually!

I’ve tried to keep track of all the chicks I’ve raised (and hens I’ve purchased or acquired) over the last 15 years.  I’ve created an online photo library to achieve this. Do feel free to browse https://www.atsw.co.uk to see the various hens (and some cockerels) that have been part of my flock over time.  I’ve documented the hatch dates or purchase dates and included pictures of each set of newcomers and breed type. I’ve also documented the building of my WIR in 2009 and the various Eglu’s I’ve purchased for the growing flock.

I don’t think I’d ever have been able to keep track of dates and names without it!


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