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Chickens refusing food

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Please help I'm at such a loss now. 

I recently had a chicken who refused food outright and was having watery liquid poos.

She didn't eat for two days and after two vets visits who couldn't find anything wrong with her, other then being underweight, she started to eat again. 

I've noticed lately that the girls (I have three in total) are hardly eating much over recent weeks. They are about 10-11 month but have never laid. I figured timing with winter months and darker days was for this. 

They have a large enclosure (uk currently restrictions) which they are out in all day. They have woodchip down as it went to mud and we the lost the grass in that area.  

They have a access to grit, bowl full and I sprinkled some down in favourite corner also. They had a normal plastic chicken feeder that they have always had but never seem to eat from it. I've tried offering pellets in different containers, always leaving the old one out. Still never interested. They are all underweight for cream legbars. They only time I can get them interested is if I had corn and seeds to the mix but I think they just pull out the best bits. 

I put them on a growers and layers mix as in a bid to try and fatten them up, but they won't touch. Same with worming pellets. 

They are all bright red in the face and seen happy enough but they can't afford to loose any more weight, what can I do? 

Do non laying chickens eat less in winter? Seems odd to me!

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Non laying chickens can eat less. Best bet to get them back on eating pellets is restricting ALL other treat for at while. Mine sometimes get in the habit of not wanting to eat pellets, but if I reduce their other food right down, they will start to eat their proper food again, although it sometimes takes a good day or two.

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They do eat less when they are not laying Emma1786, but they should still be eating. We have problems here with pellet feed; it can get wet from driving rain or even high humidity and go soggy and mouldy very quickly. They won't touch mouldy feed, which is fortunate as sour crop would follow if they did. The other problem is slugs; if they have been on the feed they won't touch it. Perhaps throw the feed away and give them fresh, checking for slugs hiding underneath the feeder.

Never mix grain in with pellets as they will ignore the pellets and just eat the grain. Treats should be avoided if they are not eating as they will just 'hold out for the good stuff' and ignore the pellets. The pellets contain everything they need, so treats are really unnecessary.

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