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Karan Hayes

Duck eggs internally pipping too early

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We have incubated duck eggs that we bought from a local hobbyist who sold goose, chicken and duck eggs. We have 2 viable eggs now that are on day 22 and I was going to put them into lockdown in incubator on day 25.
But last night I noticed one of the eggs may have started internally pipping. It was only a small amount. I’ve looked tonight and its definitely going into the air sac. Quite a bit Of it, moving around. The other egg is quite a long shape (almost to the point you can’t quite tell what end is the pointy end) and has a smaller air sac that goes at a funny angle. I don’t think it’s pipped yet but I could be wrong. Should I put them into lockdown and stopped turning and increase humidity? I don’t want to do the wrong thing. We assumed these were pekin ducks because they were fairly big at white. But maybe they are call eggs? 
Any advice would be really appreciated as I really want to know whether I should be leaving them to it now And not turning and misting them. Both eggs the ducklings are moving around in them.

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