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2 of my chicks seem to be a funny shape so I'm a little bit worried

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Today, when I got the chicks in I gave them a good check over but found that Nancy and Peggy have a different bone shape to the others. I've not noticed the shape before today.

I've never felt any of my chickens feel this way.

If you imagine a chicken as a rough human shape, where there is an Adam's Apple on a human, there is a bony (boney neither spelling looks right tbh) bit on the chicks - a bit like they have a bony Adam's apple -  and then their breast bone.

Will they be ok as they grow into adults ?

Will they grow into the right shape ?

Did I get it wrong in letting them have the shelf in their guinea pig cage in the very beginning ?

What do you think could have happened ?

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I couldn't feel it so much on Peggy this morning but then she was a lot more upright than when she sat on me yesterday.

Nancy was difficult too, she just curled up and went to sleep no matter how much we tried to get her to stand up tall and straight.

Whatever I can feel is definitely in their neck area.

They haven't had a perch since I've had them, just a little shelf that they sat on, but I took that out because they kept eating the newspaper.

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22 hours ago, mullethunter said:

Luvachicken I think I know the thing you mean. Occasionally I’ve felt what feels like a hard bony lump half way down their ‘throat’. I think it must just be the way their neck bones are aligned when they have their heads in certain positions though.

You are right @mullethunter .

I felt them both today and they are fine. Nancy sat very upright on my lap and I managed to stroke her all the way down her neck and I couldn't feel the lumpy part.

I think I panicked because I've never felt anything like that before.  

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