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Mark 1 and Mark 2 classic runs

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Hi there,

can anyone tell me if the runs for an eglu classic varied in size? I have recently brought a classic on eBay, but cant work out if it is Mark 1 or 2, but I still need a run, I can buy one from omlet but will it fit my classic? I thought the Mark 1 was was narrower? Would the current runs be to wide and not fit tightly around the eglu?
All advice much appreciated,



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There  are very few Mk I Classics around.  They were soon superseded by the Mk 2.  The Mk 1 coop has a smaller footprint than the Mk 2 and has wooden roosting bars.  If you want to be 100% sure, contact the Omlet office with the dimensions and description of the coop.   I would guess it’s more likely to be a Mk 2, which has been produced in great quantities, but they would give you a definitive answer 

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I have a mark I, it has wooden slats rather than plastic in the later ones. The mark 2 holds more chooks than the mark 1, but the front where the run slots in looks the same. My mark 1 is still in tip top condition 16 years later. The mark 2 is easier to clean with the plastic slats. Also the pop hole is different on the mark 1 compared to the mark 2. Can you post a picture of the pop hole?? 

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