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I dewormed the lot on the 11th of April with Iverquantel, which contains ivermectin and praziquantel. 

Was just sitting down with lunch and Gerda stand there in the middle of the run, likes she wants to lay an egg. She has been broody for the past few days. So I look that comes out.

She just “layed” a mass of worms!!! 🤮

I distracted the lot with some treats to scoop them up. She is currently brandishing two more worms from her fluffy bottom, but no chance of catching her without her being in the nest box...

Will do another round of worming tonight! Poor Gerda! Odd though as I didn’t see any worms passing in their poo after worming. But this is a bit late to be still the effect of worming.

Don’t scroll any further if you also are just having lunch...




really... don’t.


Most of the worms are covered by the chips on the photo.


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Good job I'd just finished mine....that's really gross.  Poor hen, it reminds us not to underestimate the debilitating effect a worm burden must have on a bird.  Its interesting/odd though as you say, I wonder if Lewis will see this and have any comment.

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That's the worst case I've ever seen; poor girl. Could easily happen if the wormer doesn't kill the eggs, so the dose on the 11th killed the worms and later the eggs hatched. Flubenvet is administered over 7 days to cover that problem, so your instinct was right Cattails and they will need more than one dose because these will have laid more eggs.

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Managed to lock her in the house and catch her. And apologised to the neighbours, while giving her the dose... Upstairs neighbour even came out to see why I was murdering a chicken...

Well at least she had her dose and will do the rest tonight. But Gerda makes such a racket, it’s better doing her during the day.

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1 hour ago, Luvachicken said:

Yucky, poor little chicky.

I've never seen worms.

I hope I never see that though.

Will you have to start again and do them twice ?

Will definitely do them twice now! 

Occasionally I’ve found a worm in a poo, but this was just worms without poo. Found some more in the coop this morning.

41 minutes ago, mullethunter said:

Blimey it’s a wonder she hasn’t wasted away isn’t it!? I hope the ivermectin does it’s job.

She is my chunkiest chicken by far! Compared to Truus she has more meat on her bones. 
I hope the wormer does it’s job too. 

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