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Consistent soft shelled or thin shelled eggs.

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Molly keeps laying soft shelled eggs and when she is not laying softies she lays eggs with quite thin shells.

She never appears like a typical softie layer. In fact, the other night she popped out after going to bed, plopped out the egg in the run and then went back to bed.

She is 5 now. I want to help her.

She has been having Agrivite Enhance Feather, Shell and Bone but you are only meant to give them this for a week and then once a week thereafter.

The week is over so in-between I have given her the usual Life Guard tonic.

Tonight she laid another softie.

They have Garvo layers pellets.

What else can I do for her ? 

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I don’t know Luvachicken but I have one who is similar. She will occasionally lay an egg with a decent shell, but most of the time the shells are very thin and really sort of chalky on the outside - like she misses an outer layer, and I suppose about a quarter of the time she doesn’t manage a shell at all.

In all other respects she’s very healthy (she’s the hen who survived being mauled by the dog).

I haven’t noticed any correlation between type of egg and any of the various supplements / feeds I’ve tried.

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