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Taking the plunge

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I have a cube on order, which won't be here for another couple of weeks.

However, the chicken shop has Skylines in TODAY & I really, really want a couple :?


I have a problem though.

I can set up the Eglu run in my big hens pen, having the open end butted up against the wire to stop the new girls getting out, or probably more to the point, the old girls getting in. :roll:

Then I can put them all in the Eglu at night before seperating them again in the morning. This will mean a cosy 6 or 7 (keeping my options open) in the Eglu house overnight, but I don't forsee that being a problem.


BUT, how am I going to catch the new girls from the Eglu run,to post them into the Eglu through the egg port at night?


Any suggestions gratefully recieved!

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The only thing I can think of is food...


I have our new young bantams in the eglu run and there is no way I would be able to get them out - they are very skittish.


I think it wold be a two-person job - pull the run away from the wire and have someone at that end shoo them out and into your arms :?


(Have the video set up :lol: )


Congratulations on getting a cube!

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I have an eglu run butted up against a wall in the garden and put the big chicks out to get some fresh air - it can be a job getting them out again! Some will come to the door for corn but theres always one thats tricky. OH sometimes sticks the clothes pole through the bars and 'shoo's' it up to me at the door end.

Another method that worked (but wasn't intentional :roll: ) is to send in a big girl - they'll soon come running out then :lol:

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