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Hair washing without shampoo 2

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Been without shampoo for almost a month but 2 reassuring things happened yesterday.


Saw a friend I hadn't seen for ages and the first thing she said was "your's hair's really nice". :D The best thing was, it was really needing a rinse so wasn't looking its best. Admitted my shameful secret to her (knew she'd understand) and she was really positive, saying her sister-in-law tried it on her child who had an itchy scalp.


Same day, went out with friends who all commented positively too! Didn't tell them why though :oops: .

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Its looking "Ooops, word censored!"py just now Lesley too much showering at work :evil:


It works best for me if I can keep washing in water to no more than once a week :?


I am having to use a little conditioner just now as even the water is drying it out :?


I can't believe how much 'product' I used to use on my body generally and now I only use simple soap at home and water at work :shock::lol:

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You're right, I think it suits people who have frizzy hair much better than those of us who have potential lank hair to start with.


That's me Lesley. I have lots of hair, but it is very, very fine. If it doesn't get a regular rinse and blow dry, it looks awful. And I mean awful. I couldn't possibly get through the first few days of it being a bit greasy....it just looks limp, lifeless and clumps together in big greasy strings.

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I am one month in and can't believe how easy I'm finding it! My hair doesn't look any different than when I used shampoo and gallons of conditioner and more people have commented on my hair than they ever did before :D . And showering is so much quicker now!


The top layer is still frizzy unless I straighten it (limited to once a week) but I'm hanging in there.

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