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Can I use a cooling dog mat for broody chickens ?

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I've seen dog cooling mats in the pet shop before but never put the idea of using them for a broody chicken until today.

Do you think it is a safe thing to do ?

I wouldn't want them to peck it and end up eating something they shouldn't.

I'm thinking if it is safe for dogs then it might be alright for chooks.

It is so hard trying to get an extremely fluffy ball to cool down.

No idea how much they cost but thought it could be worth a try.

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I doubt it tbh, I have one for the dog and it’s not really cold to the touch but takes heat away from them as they lie on/make contact with it.

I think a chicken would be too light and just sit on top of it rather that spreading out. A broody crate is a better idea IMO.

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Thanks both of you.

I'd already bought one this afternoon.

I tested it on my arms and it did seem pretty cool.

It is made of good plastic stuff so unlikely to get pecked and will be easy to wipe clean every day.

Unfortunately Nellie has been in the broody cage 3 days and nights already and it didn't work, so I'm hoping having the cooling mat in the bottom will help.

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