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These chickens have alot to answer for!

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Well 2006 is here and we have set ourselves a goal. We want a smallholding and it's all those pesky chickens fault (love em :D ) Any of you thinking along these lines? We've said 5 years!


Have started considering where as it needs to be around northants/beds area I think. Don't want to be cut off again and also parents moved to be nearer to us from Wales :)


I shall go and day dream as I shut the girls up for the night! :wink:



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We would love to do the live off the land bit,especially with the livestock!

We would have to be vegetarians though......couldnt kill anything i looked after....neither could oh :roll:

Unlike when my dad was a kid.

You had to,to survive.

I'm just a soft hearted whimp.

But good luck to your project 8)

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I think dreaming is creative thinking! I encourage myself to do it as it's officially good for you says...me! :wink::D Seriously if you don't aim for something you just stay stuck so you can dream and who knows...One day.


The chickens are the start and we have to start somewhere, eh!! :D



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