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Very mysterious....

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Our girls have been laying 2 eggs a day in the nesting box for about a week now, and we cleaned their run out on sat (including moving the whole thing onto the grass and raking the hemcore over) so none could have been hiding. However, before I let them out the eglu this morning I found an extra egg under the grub in the run! How can this be as don't they only lay one egg a day each?! I am slightly baffled. Incidentally, it is shaped like a torpedo and looks nothing like the others. The only answer can be that we have magic chickens…

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Well I'm getting odd eggs. I thought I'd sorted out who was laying what colours. Smartie - white, Bounty - plum blush & Rolo - dark brown. I've been getting all these, but I've also been getting some bantam sized eggs - beautifully smooth - beige that look like they have been polished!!! :? Could one of my girlies be laying 2 in a day? I've not cracked one of the little eggs yet to see if it has a yolk - But I'm confused now about who is laying what!


Magic chickens...I like that theory makes me think of the eglu as a pink magic mushroom house! :lol:



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