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Eglu Go Up or Eglu Cube for 2-3 hens

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Having a small garden with a patch of about 25m² for chickens I am unsure about taking the Eglu Go Up or Cube. I'm thinking about 3 hens (maybe only 2 for 25m²?), so theoretically a Go Up should suffice? The Cube, however, seems more interesing with the separate nesting booth, on the otherside it is maybe too big for 2 or 3 hens (especially in Winter)?

Any Advice would be very welcome.

Kind Regards,


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My garden is a similar size and I have a Go Up for my 5 bantams. They don’t get to free range in the garden as 25 m2 is just too small to stay green and recover enough with any number of chickens. They will just pluck everything and dig out all plants.
the few minutes they sometimes get out of the run right now are often enough to do real damage.

So consider run size too! 
I’ve added a 1,5 x 2 m run to the Go Up run and this works well for my 5 bantams.

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That’s about how much space I had in my last garden where I had 4 bantams in a Go with 3m run. They were allowed out into the garden when we were home and it was totally trashed - we had to pay for it to be returned when we left.

Maybe consider 3 bantams in a Go Up?

The Cube won’t be ‘too big’ - they will snuggle up if it’s cold - but it’s probably a bit unnecessary in a garden that size.

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