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Veg Box schemes

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Sarah, there was a thread, or at least a few posts about this sometime ago - Kate or Lesley may be able to unearth it.


I had a look at a local company in Chipping Norton the other day, but even the smallest box is too large for just Rosie and I, and they would have things that we don't use, and would be missing stuff that we want. So I decided to stick to getting my organic fruit and veg from the supermarket, then I can get what I want when I want it.


The other alternative would be to share a box with another family. It's worth looking at what is in the boxes.

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We get a box from Abel and Cole each week (a Google shd find their website).


They do boxes nationwide, but the widest choice of boxes I think is in London, so I'm not sure if the size you want would be available to you.


Worth a look though, as we've used them for over 3 years and have nothing but praise for them :D You can get a box weekly, fortnightly, or less often and they do loads of extras like dairy, meat and bread too.


Riverford Organics are another national one, but I have never used them myself.


HTH, love,Cookie. xx

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I too have been using Abel and Cole, in a scheme that's recently started at my son's school (the bags are delivered to the school and a proportion of the cost goes to the PTA). But the bags are the same (and the same price) as the ones that can be delivered to your home. It's quite flexible as one doesn't have to order every week. I've found the fruit and veg is good quality.


I believe Abel and Cole's depot is near Andover, so quite close to you in Reading. I like their website too - it has loads of recipes for all the unusual veggies that may turn up in the bags. http://www.abel-cole.co.uk


Best wishes

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We used Riverford, the fruit and veg boxes were brilliant - but we seemed to end up with a surfeit of cabbages - anything they couldnt supply they provided a cabbage instead :roll: At the moment I am sticking to organic (and also trying to buy british instead) at the supermarket (but not Tescos as their fruit and veg is rubbish :evil: (in my opinion :wink: )) and once things have settled down a bit more I am going to go to the local farm shops.

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Veg Boxes are great. You can't go wrong with organic grown veg which is good for both yourself and the farmer. Beats lining the pockets of the supermarkets anyday :!:


I've not met anyone yet who wasn't over the moon with theirs.


I'll have a rummage around for the thread, but to be honest there's some good recommendations on here. Try and go for a local supplier to support your local community - and farmer :D

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I have used Riverford for about 18 months too. I have a large box for £12.50 (I think it's just gone up to £13). With 6 of us, we get through it all, though I find a bag of onions each week a bit challenging. I give them to my brother. I don't mind having vegetables I wouldn't normally buy. It adds variety and helps with the 'back to basics' approach. I have to cook with whatever I've got, rather than choosing what I'm going to cook, then buying it. That cuts down on some of the decision-making, which I like too!

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I use the cabbages to make coleslaw each week for my salads :)


this weeks fruit n veg box is fabbby




red peppers

mixed sprouts











ps.. if anyone is interested.. i email out meal plans every thursday to about 80 people after the veg delivery has arrived :)

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We found an Organic Farm about 20 minutes drive form where I live and they have an excellent veg box scheme and I know that at least half of what I get was grown by them. Veg that only came out of the ground that day and I didn't put the hard work in to grow it :D They also have a small shop selling othere things Pasta, household cleaning stuff, flour etc. I get my organic milk from the and their supplier comes down with it from not too far north so again I know the food milks aren't too bad.

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I get an organic veg box from a local farm, approx 20 mins from my home and they have a small veg box scheme. It's very good, fruit & veg always very fresh and tasty, plenty of variety and the veg is always seaonal and local. The fruit unsuprisingly isn't local, we do get organic mangoes, bananas and oranges etc, which makes me feel slightly guilty but I can't live without fruit, nor can I survive on native winter fruits. Ermmm, anyone for an apple, or an apple, or, um, an apple :roll: . And even they've been stored awhile.


I'd highly recommend my veg box sheme to anyone in this area (farm's just outside Gravesend), and veg box schemes in principle to anyone.

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